Displacement: 2.8L Cummins ISF
Seating Capacity: 15
Euro Standard: Euro 4
Special Features: Electronic Step Board, 4 Probe Reverse Sensor, High Roof Clearance

5 Years or 150,000 kms whichever comes first



Specially designed by the original Mercedes-Benz Sprinter car design team based in Stuttgart, Germany, the FOTON Toano combines elegant and expansive interiors with a powerful, Cummins turbo diesel engine to provide a ride that redefines luxury.

Ample and comfortable seating for up to 15 passengers is matched with a high ceiling, making standing upright (although not recommended) inside the vehicle doable, while a long wheel base (measuring at 3,750mm) makes for stately, comfortable – and safe, as each seat come with its own seatbelt – ride.

The Toano runs on FOTON’s signature, and by-now familiar power plant, the bulletproof 2.8-liter ISF Cummins CRDi turbo diesel engine outputting 160 hp and 360 Nm of torque. It’s the same unit found on the brand’s very capable Toplander SUV and Thunder pickup truck.



FOTON continues to provide exceptional products through scientific and technological innovation. One of the brand’s milestones is the birth of the Blue Energy – a result of earnest R&D that serves up a host of benefits such as power, durability, reliability, efficiency, and clean operations in every FOTON vehicle.

Propelling Blue Energy is a Euro IV compliant FOTON-Cummins diesel engine. It highlights the Interact System F (ISF) technology developed in the new 2.8L and 3.8L engines that power a select lineup of FOTON passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles, respectively. Blue Energy engines are also equipped with a wastegate turbo charger intercooler utilized for excellent performance across rpm range with improved response through higher low-end torque.

Vehicles powered by FOTON Blue Energy are built with advanced thermal engineering, electronic integration and a high pressure common rail fuel system. It is designed to withstand severe operating conditions without compromising engine performance, reduces risk of damage, and improves the vehicle’s longevity.

Another feature of the FOTON Blue Energy is its exhaust gas temperature and pressure sensors. This technology detects the temperature and pressure changes in the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). These sensors provide accurate measurements of the engine demand and maintain its normal operating temperature to maximize engine power output.

Blue Energy engines are equipped with a computer-controlled fuel injection system designed to perfect the mixture of air and fuel. Its EGR re-circulates a portion of an exhaust gas back to the combustion chamber and reduces nitrogen oxide, thus translates to lower fuel consumption, higher fuel mileage, and compatibility to current fuel rating in the Philippine market.

Blue Energy also accentuates its green initiatives for a cleaner, safer mobility. With the oxidation catalysts and particulate filters in the FOTON-Cummins engine’s exhaust system, it reduces particulate matters and filters out atmospheric contaminants that contribute to the preservation of our environment.