FOTON Motor Philippines disrupted the entire trucking logistics industry not just with its vast and formidable array of light, medium, and heavy trucks and heavy equipment, but with the debut of the first-ever fully electric truck to be made available in the Philippines.

“Last 2018, in conformity with the Clean Air Act, FOTON launched its EURO 4-compliant line of light- to heavy-duty trucks donning the Blue Energy badge. This time, FOTON is taking it another step further with the introduction of our fully electric light-duty truck, the FOTON Tornado EV. I believe that this will not only be a milestone for FOTON Philippines, but for the country as well, as it is the first-ever electric truck in the Philippines,” FOTON Motor Philippines Chairman Rommel Sytin said in a speech.

“Technological progress is a key driver to business success and economic growth and recovery. This innovation aims to address some of the environmental impact that economic growth brings. Economic growth does not have to equate to greater damage to the environment—and FOTON’s fully electric light-duty truck is proof of that. This is how we synergize commerce and mobility!” Sytin exclaimed.

FOTON has been providing advanced mobility solutions to meet the needs of both Filipino entrepreneurs and businesses. FOTON is one of the earliest Chinese automotive brands to enter the country and was the first Chinese brand to break into the Top 10 brands in vehicle sales in the Philippines—a feat it achieved even before the influx of Chinese car brands in the country in recent years. 

On its 16th year of operations in the Philippines, the brand delivered its message of support for every Filipino business powered by the brand’s commercial vehicles’ world-class durability and dependability. The brand offers a complete customer experience ecosystem through innovative after-sales programs such as the 24/7 EC Mobile that no other brands provide.

FOTON has kept the logistics industry thriving with over 24 dealerships working to provide advanced mobility solutions that are proven with partnerships with many of the largest and most well-known logistics companies in the region and in the world.

“We are leading the way forward and giving you a versatile and upgraded selection of trucks and passenger vehicles that are of world-class standards competing not only in reliability, performance, and efficiency but also in guaranteed value for money proposition,” said FOTON Motor Philippines General Manager Levy Santos in a speech.  

FOTON has also launched a modern-day workhorse, the all-new FOTON Thunder pickup. Now available with an automatic transmission, the Thunder is the perfect vehicle for driving on both city streets for urban dwellers or conquering challenging terrain for the adventurous types.

FOTON Traveller X from FOTON’s BIG SHOW 2023

The new and fuel-efficient 16-seater FOTON Traveller X, on the other hand, is ideal for long drives with friends and family with its spacious interior, comfortable ride, and smooth and refined diesel engine. 

For those who want even more space, the FOTON Traveller XL, can be configured as a business and corporate shuttle service or school bus with its generous array of safety and comfort features that will allow all passengers to enjoy a smooth and relaxing ride. 

Harabas Miler from FOTON’s BIG SHOW 2023

Along with the introduction of Tornado EV fully electric light-duty truck,  FOTON amped up selections for its popular Harabas range,  with the latest addition – the Harabas Miler – which handily meets all business needs with its high-strength frame and steel plate chassis. A fuel-efficient 2.5-liter turbocharged 186/320 Nm diesel engine mated to a German-designed ZF 5-speed manual transmission enables numerous items to be transported effortlessly and efficiently.

The popular, affordable, and extremely versatile FOTON Gratour MT, meanwhile, empowers just about any type of business enterprise, with its wide variety of body styles that can be tailor-fit for any commercial application.

The company’s high-tech Class 2 and Class 3 Modern Jeepneys in the F29 and F-Jeepney, respectively, are also sought-after choices by local transport cooperatives.

FOTON’s light- and medium-duty trucks are represented by the expansive Tornado range, with a dazzling array of body configurations in different payloads.

For truly heavy-duty cargo-carrying and transportation, FOTON’s rugged and highly dependable Blue Energy-powered EST and GTL heavy trucks always deliver, giving business owners minimum stress and maximum profits. 

“We are thrilled by the strong response by the public to our world-class commercial vehicles at the FOTON’s Big Show last month. Visitors were able to experience first-hand the advanced technology and world-class quality of FOTON trucks and heavy equipment—attributes they will always find when they visit any FOTON dealership,” declared Santos.

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