FOTON flexes feature-loaded Harabas Miler 

It’s a truck that will shame many “loaded” cars and SUVs.

Foton’s all-new Harabas Miler is a cargo truck that boasts attributes found only in high-end automobiles. But more importantly, it comes with all the essential features and specifications that businesses and logistics companies have come to expect.

Tried and tested

The Foton Harabas Miler has been thoroughly developed over three years of harsh and intensive testing in over 80 transport scenarios, including harsh driving conditions from the high altitudes of the 4,700-meter Tanggula Mountain Pass in Tibet, to the 45-degree heat of the Turban Basin in Xinjiang, to the extreme -35-degree cold in Inner Mongolia. It has passed all challenges with flying colors. In all, the Harabas Miler has gone through over two million kilometers of road testing and development.    

Foton’s newest truck is made using the latest global manufacturing systems and methods using fully automated and robotized facilities. 

Proven power

The Foton Harabas Miler is powered by a strong yet fuel-efficient 2.5-liter direct-injection common-rail turbocharged diesel engine developing 186hp at 3,000 rpm and an impressive 320 Newton-meters of torque at 1,000 – 2,800 rpm. The powerplant is mated to a heavy-duty German-designed ZF 5-speed manual transmission. 

Stylish design

The cab of the Foton Harabas Miler boasts design elements one would see in a high-end van, from its soft edges trimmed with luxurious chrome, to its distinctive grille and its large, expressive headlamps. It has a smoothly integrated bumper with sporty foglights. The headlamps have an auto-on feature while the daytime running lights (DRLs) and signal lights are state-of-the-art LEDs. 

Advanced safety features

The Harabas Miler boasts advanced safety features like Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) for safe and sure-footed driving even on slippery conditions.

Sedan-like comfort, amenities, and ease of driving

Inside its spacious and well-appointed cabin, the Foton Harabas Miler boasts a dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, seats, and overall ergonomics that could all belong in a luxurious sedan.  

The side mirrors are electrically adjusted, so the driver won’t have to open the windows and reach out to adjust them. They even have heaters to eliminate fogging in cold and rainy weather. The Harabas Miler has power windows, central locking, and even electric height adjustment of the headlamp beam to avoid blinding oncoming traffic even with a heavy cargo load at the rear.

There are over eight storage areas and cup/bottle holders throughout the cabin while the touchscreen Bluetooth infotainment system allows hands-free calls and music listening. The instrument panel features LCD gauges similar to the latest high-end cars and SUVs. The AC has large knobs and buttons for easy and safe adjustment of the climate controls. 

The Harabas Miler has a tidy 5.1-meter turning radius, making it as maneuverable as a typical midsize SUV. Its 5,038mm length and 1,970mm width is similar to most family vans, making it easy to park in most parking spaces. But despite its highly manageable footprint, the Harabas Miler boasts a humongous 13 cubic meter cargo box capacity.

Smart logistics

The height of the Harabas Miler’s cargo floor is 845mm, making it easy for cargo loaders and unloaders to reach into the cargo area.       

“Foton has over 10 million satisfied users worldwide and the Philippines is home to a fast-growing number of happy and successful owner-entrepreneurs. We are confident that our new Harabas Miler will find many businesses thriving with the truck’s excellent productivity and efficiency,” says Foton Motor Philippines General Manager Levy Santos.

Prices for the new Harabas Miler start at P860,000. 

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