Most of us make sure to focus on the wisest and best choice when selecting our next vehicle. Promoting this wisdom to choose vehicles that offer the highest levels of versatility and dependability, FOTON Motor Philippines presents an abundant selection of vans that are well-crafted for multi-purpose drives without sacrificing quality and performance.


FOTON TransVan 13-Seater

The agile FOTON TransVan 13-Seater realizes most families’ dreams of having their van turn into reality. It comes with a reliable 4-cylinder turbocharged Diesel Engine that’s best for both day-to-day driving and out-of-town trips. The FOTON TransVan 13-seater offers essential safety features such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), and individual seatbelts to ensure that families will reach their homes safe and sound.


TransVan 15-Seater

Suitable for transport businesses, local government unit projects, or company shuttle service, the TransVan 15-seater has the edge to swiftly transport passengers across the metropolis. It boasts front and rear airconditioning and generous legroom for utmost comfort and convenience as you travel along city streets and expressways.


TransVan Cargo

Designed for maximized logistics, the TransVan Cargo is the best van for transporting urgent parcels and deliverables. It can carry hundreds of packages (or more) with its 1-ton payload capacity and spacious 4,850mm long cargo body interior. Plus, it has ergonomically designed seats for a safe and comfortable driving experience.


TransVan HR

With extensive seats for 16 passengers, the TransVan HR features high-roof clearance and a spacious interior. Within its tall 2,250mm height, passengers can even enter this van standing and comfortably sit on any of its plush seats. Equipped with capacious interiors, the TransVan HR is also convertible to an ambulance that can be fitted with essential medical tools and equipment.


Traveller 16-seater

Armed with the US-designed and globally renowned Cummins ISF Diesel Engine, the Traveller 16-seater offers profound strength and reliability. Its 2,800cc engine with a maximum power output of 129hp at 3,600rpm and maximum torque of 280Nm at 1,400-3,000rpm boasts a competitive strength for a passenger van.


Traveller XL 19-seater

The FOTON Traveller XL delivers extra space and seats that can easily fit large groups of families, employees, and even commuters. Geared with its fully integral ultra-high strength body, this van effortlessly accommodates a sizable number of passengers and payload. This long voluminous van features front and rear air-conditioning with ceiling-mounted vents that keep its cavernous interior cool and fresh.


Aside from its wide array of vans, FOTON also provides quality aftersales service and innovative programs that include the first-in-the-industry EC Mobile Service that provides 24/7 onsite service wherever the client requests.

For inquiries, call your nearest FOTON dealer or sales hotline at 0999-999-9998. You may also explore and reach FOTON PH on various digital platforms via